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Welcome to Cigar City

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Hello, I'm Thad Diaz, independent author and retired firefighter. I've always had a joy of writing and storytelling. After all, that's a big part of what firefighters do when we gather around the kitchen table at the firehouse.


I took part in the "Independent Writer Revolution" and wrote and published several series of sci-fi and fantasy books under the name T. Allen Diaz. The books enjoyed modest success and cracked the top 20 in their categories on both sides of the pond. 

During this time, I was talking to a fellow firefighter between calls, and he mentioned how he hoped we had a good night because he had to help a friend track down a skip the next day. I asked him if he was a bounty hunter. He said he was, and I knew that was a story worth telling right then.

The problem? I was an active-duty firefighter. I would either have to create a fake fire department or get rid of the firefighter aspect altogether. So, I shelved idea for a later date.


Well, that later date is here. 

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And Logan Walsh, a stoic Hillsborough County Fire Captain who skip-traces with his bail bondsman father on his off-days is bor. Logan's tough resourcefulness and gritty dogma serve him well in this capacity and is Marty "Pops" Walsh's best bird dogger.


But firefighting exacts a toll on the family lives of its members. Chasing rogues from Tampa's most exclusive waterfront properties to the city's century-old back alleys only adds to the stress. Logan does his best to walk that line of good father and husband and uncompromising white knight as best he can, but every decision has a cost.

And doing the right thing requires many hard decisions.

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